Can I undo my life?

I got this film from my friend several years ago; Proposal Daisakusen. The film tells about a young man who failed to change his fate by change his past. The fairy helps him to back to his past in each important period of his life.

life_goes_on-4366As we see, sometimes we regret about many things happened on our life, anything has decided or the choice we chosen. Regret and mistake is the part of human being and will be exist. Just forgive ourselves, life at the present and do the best for the future.

Here is the message from the fairy on this film;

I know what are you going to say. If you can, you want to go back to that time. You want to live life from the beginning. Am I wrong?

Let me tell you a very inspiring story. There was once a man who went on a journey to correct his regrets. He tried his best to change the past. Unfortunately, the door to miracles never opened for him. He realized at the end of journey, no matter how hard he tries to change his past, he cannot change him self. That is why he thought, instead of regretting about the past, what’s most important is to change the present for the future. Even from now, don’t you feel that it still not to late to start?

Well, let me give you a quote which I get by this morning;

“Just let it be. If it is meant to be, it will happen”

Everyone might judge anything about you, yet Allah always be understand on efforts you have done. Just do the best, keep faith and miracle will happen.

See you 🙂


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